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goto UMA websiteOur "Universal User Profiling Personalization and Support System", UUPPSS, project has won the Creativity award in E-Gate Open 2004 contest. The contest sponsors are Axalto, ST Micro, and Sun Microsystems. The E-Gate Open jury, which was made up of key IT and e-business leaders, selected the winning projects based on their innovation, marketing appeal, ease of implementation, user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, security and business potential.

What UUPPSS is: Universal User Profiling Personalization and Support System

How many time do you spend inside you car during a day? Probably, much more than you would like to spend. Nowadays, we can not do without the car. Then why don't make it easy? Two key issues to improve the satisfaction of car owners are car personalization and post-sales support. Usually, the possibilities of personalization are limited to some cosmetic elements and several adjustments in the settings of seats, steering wheel, etc. On the other hand, post-sales support by the manufacturer is normally done through authorized dealers.

This proyect addresses both problems not only proposing a very simple and intuitive way to adjust our car settings to our own preferences, but also offering an e-support to common mechanical problems in our car.

The UUPPSS system is designed to allow permanent and on-line contact with the manufacturer, to improve the post-sales support and to enable a number of on-line services that are emerging in these days. Examples of these services can be the establishment of appointments for car revision, on-line diagnostic, etc. UUPPSS allows car personalization either by downloading contents or by creating your own profiles. In order to achieve these objectives, secure exchange and access to information in the system is addressed by the use of smart cards. The system is designed to be secure as well as flexible, easy-to-use and robust, following the philosophy of pervasive computing systems.


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